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As one of the industry leaders in list generation, we are often asked why we work so hard to get the freshest and most accurate emails for businesses, business owners, decision makers, homeowners, and individuals. The reason is because email remains one of the most important communication tools, in spite of how long the technology has existed. So far, nothing has replaced email as the most versatile method of instant communication.

According to a recent study, email remains the preferred method of communication of brands and products. This was true across the generations, dispelling the perception that email marketing is best used for older demographics. People tend to feel more comfortable starting communication through email since the layers of laws that are in place to protect privacy help them feel covered from all angles.

The best marketing strategies need to be flexible and dynamic. Yet, some principles never change. To not be the “best kept secret” in your industry, make sure you are investing in multiple channels of engagement. In the past, billboards, radio and television ads, direct mail campaigns were the only ways for new target acquisition. Those methods still have their place, but tend to be costly, even the most cost effective costing $50-$120 per new acquisition.

Thankfully now, we are able to incorporate the multiple channel model through digital methods. Email, ads on digital platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, Google, exposure one podcasts and through digital influencers, and online publications are able to create the buzz that create the strong foundation for awareness of your brand that turns into clients acquired and sales.

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