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Frequently Asked Questions

While everyone’s situation is a little different, it’s possible that you may have a question that’s been asked in the past. To help you, we’ve compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions.

Good questions to ask before buying data:

How is the data compiled and updated?

Many companies claim to compile their own data or update their own lists. We have discovered that this is not true as there are many old databases making their way around the internet these days.  We take every measure to ensure that our data is of the highest quality. We have partners in Canada, Australia, UK, Mexico, India, Vietnam, Germany, Philippines, and China who work with us to continuously update, tele-verify and compile our databases. View the “About Our Data” section of our site to read more about our sources. Over $3.4 Million is spent on research and compiling our data each year. Hard to believe? Read our F.A.Q. section below for an explanation of how we can sell our databases at such low prices.

How do I access and use the data once I purchase it?

Most data companies sell their data in CSV (comma-separated text) and MDB (Microsoft Access) format with each state or province split into separate files. This is an easy way to transport data, however, it can make it very difficult for the customer to use. Not all people have Access, and CSV programs can only be used to open and manipulate so many records at one time. These formats make it impossible for someone to search the entire country without extensive programming knowledge. We are the only data company that provides free software that can be used to search an entire list and export without limitations.

Why is data from DataSource360 so much less expensive than data from other companies?

This is our most common question. There are two main factors that allow us to keep our prices low: 1) We acquire data from all of our sources and we outsource the compiling to our partners overseas, and 2) We have many corporate accounts that purchase data from us for their call centers. Combined, there are over 1000 Call center seats that license our data. This allows us to sell our products to the general public at the same low wholesale price.

Once I have placed my order, how long will it take for me to receive the data?

Any regular in-stock order that is placed with a signed invoice returned before 4:00 p.m. EST is shipped out the same day in most cases. We ship express through FedEx overnight and 2-day. Express is usually delivered the next business day by 5:00 p.m. local time.

Who are you buying data from when you go with another company?

You will see companies selling data that have no phone number or address listed on their website. Even if there is an address listed, it may be a post office box in a shipping store. Method and mode of contact should be on the customers terms. Do you want to buy data from someone working out of a one bedroom apartment? Research your vendors and ask questions to ensure you are buying a quality product.

Can I download my software instantly?

Most of our directories are in stock, on the shelf, and ready to ship. Due to the security of both our customers and us, we prefer to send a physical product out when taking an order. Any order under $300 may be sent via download link if we have a previous business relationship with the customer. First-time buyers will always need to choose a physical shipping option. 

Is your software user friendly and do you provide tech support?

Our software is very easy to use and we are positive that you will be able learn to use it effectively within seconds of opening it. We do provide our customers toll-free tech support from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. CST as well. For any Tech Support-related questions, call 877.565.3237 Ext. 2. We will be glad to help you with anything you need. All software products are supported for 1-year from the date of purchase.

How do I send emails to the email addresses you provide and get the best delivery rate?

Our Email databases are sourced through 3rd Party companies.  All data is collected by user input through a web form, landing page, or social networking site owned and hosted by a 3rd party company. This data is considered to be accurate, but is not guaranteed. It is common for users to input a fake phone number, name, email, physical address, or birth date when filling out these forms. It is common for users to opt-in on multiple sites so they may be listed more than once. Due to the nature of this data we cannot guarantee a certain percentage of accuracy.


Sending UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email) or “Cold Email” can be a tricky process. If you try to send a campaign with one of our lists using your own ISP or a bulk newsletter service like Amazon AWS, ConstantContact, or Mailchimp, your campaign will probably be shutdown after a few hundred emails. You will need to send your campaign through a cold email provider who will allow you to send UCE while staying CAN SPAM compliant. We are partnered with a few companies that specialize in sending unsolicited mail to provide our customers with a managed solution for sending campaigns. You can see those options here: Cold Email Providers. With all UCE, there are many factors involved. We always tell our customers to expect at least a 20-35% bounce rate when sending unsolicited email. Due to all the variables with an email campaign, we cant guarantee the accuracy/effectiveness of any email list.


When sending cold email, we suggest following this proven process:

1. Never send from your main domain name.
2. Use a cold email provider to deploy your campaign. You can find some providers here.
3. Send to the list at least 2-3 times.
4. Take remaining contacts that didn’t opt-out/bounce and move them to your CRM or Newsletter service.

As always, we are eager to assist- feel free to call one of our marketing specialists if you need assistance using any of our lists.


Do you guarantee email verifier results?

Every email verifier will return false positives and positive falses. You could run a list through a provider and get one result, and then run the same list through a different provider and get a completely different result. Email verification services are not an accurate way to judge the quality of a list.

When a verifier says that something is “unknown” its simply because the server where the email is hosted is not allowing their traffic. It doesn’t mean that an email is “bad”, it means that their service can’t check the email.

When the say something is an “accept all”, that doesn’t mean that the email address is bad. It means that that domain hosting the email has an “accept all” address set up. This is very common for all large companies. It’s not that the email address is “bad”.

For these reasons we don’t guarantee the results from any 3rd party verification tool.

To ensure a successful campaign, we suggest following the steps in the FAQ question right above this.


What are the system requirements to use your software?

PC: We Recommend a minimum of: Windows 7 or higher, Hard Drive with 30gb+ of free space and at least 2GB of RAM.

Mac: Less than 1% of our customer base uses a Mac. Unfrotunalty, in the past couple years, Apple has made it very hard to code sofware for a Mac that will pass their security. For this reason, we reccomend that Mac Users either download Parrallels Desktop for Mac or purchase a low cost PC on amazon or ebay to acces their software.

What if I don’t like your program? What is your refund policy?

We offer the 30-day Media Guarantee. This means that within 30 days from your order, if something is physically wrong with your disc or USB flash drive, we will exchange it for no cost. To protect our software from duplication, we can not offer any refunds or returns on software that has been opened. This is a standard policy with any company/store selling media that can be duplicated. We offer no guarantee for the effectiveness of a campaign or accuracy of data. Over time all data will become less accurate. There are way too many variables that we cannot control.

Do you offer a delivery rate guarantee?

Email: With opt-in/email lists we cannot offer any guarantees because there are numerous variables that determine whether or not your email campaign will be a success. Every single aspect of your campaign can flag spam triggers and cause undeliverable emails. The sending email address, the server, the IP address, the text within your email, and even the subject line can be flagged as spam. Even if your emails were sent correctly and didnt flag any spam triggers, we still cant guarantee how many people open it because of the subject line. Also, the verbiage you choose to use in the subject line could attract or deter the recipient from opening your email. There are way too many variables that we cannot control.


Fax:  Our fax data lists the most recent fax number we have available for each business. We cant guarantee that businesses are still using fax, as many companies are moving away from this old technology and transitioning to email/e-fax/etc.


Direct Mail:  No list is ever 100%, but you can take measures to ensure a better delivery rate with your campaign.  With Direct Mail it is smart to take advantage of the NCOA (National Change of Address) Database, as well as adding the verbiage “or current resident/occupant” to your mail. We are constantly updating our lists, but depending on which data set you are using the address may have not been updated in the last 6 months. We do not guarantee any delivery rates on direct mail campaigns.

Do you have references? May I speak to anyone you have worked with?

To protect our customersprivacy, we wont release any customer names, phone numbers, or email addresses. Please check out our reviews on google. We also believe our BBB A+ Rating speaks for itself. Click here to review our BBB Profile.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

We take pride in making sure our customers transactions are secure.

We accept all major Credit Cards (VISA/MC/AMEX/DISCOVER),  Zelle, Venmo,  and Paypal from customers in USA & CANADA for orders up to $5000.

We also accept ACH/Wire Transfers.

If you need to run a credit card for an international order or for an amount over $5000, please call our sales team to to get prior authorization.

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

No database is ever perfect. Businesses come and go every day. In this economy you will find certain industries that have a high level of turnover. The consumer population changes frequently as well- anywhere from 12-18%. At the time of update our databases are around 92-95% accurate. If you experience an accuracy rate of less than 90% we will replace the portion of your list that was undeliverable, out-of-date, or disconnected.

  • Inaccurate data must be reported within 30 days of the date of purchase to qualify for this guarantee.
  • Any products that have a compile date of 60 days or older are not covered.
  • Only one replacement will be made per purchase.
  • Fax, Email, and Cell Phone Lists are not covered under this guarantee.
  • We do not offer any refunds on data, your mailing costs or any other cost incurred by using our data.
  • Mail pieces that are refused by the addressee but contain an accurate address are not covered.
  • Only our standard directory products are covered. We do not guarantee our complete consumer databases, opt-in data, or any list that is purchased from a 3rd party vendor.
  • We have the right to verify that the data was purchased from us and we will need evidence showing you experienced less than 90% accuracy. Our customer service department may ask for a dialer report or for you to send us the returned mail for inspection.
  • Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is offered for a limited time only and can be ended, or modified, without further notice.