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Exact Data
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Since 2005 we have been offering our customers an affordable alternative to the large and often overpriced data companies. When companies Like Exact Data charge an outrageous monthly fee, we offer a complete database for one low price. Our directories allow you to obtain custom tailored lists with a click of a mouse. No longer do you have to pay a premium price per record or per one-thousand records. Let’s face it, when you purchase a list you aren’t guaranteed a return on your investment. Some companies charge over thirty cents per record for a custom business list, while others charge a hefty monthly fee to subscribe to their online service that claims they offer “unlimited leads”, yet, after you download a few thousand business listings they limit your account. We know that it’s tough for small businesses to survive in a bad economy. Our business lists have helped thousands keep their companies afloat in these unpredictable times. Our philosophy is to charge less for each product and allow the customer to spend their savings on other aspects of their campaign. Feel free to read through our site to see how we compile our business lists from multiple data sources to ensure accuracy. Feel free to call us if you have any questions- our customer service department is the backbone of our business and is one of the main reasons why we retain so many clients. It is our desire to make your marketing experience as easy and affordable as possible. Customers like you have allowed us to grow into one of the largest compilers of business lists and marketing data. Exact Data is a registered trademark of INOFGROUP, Inc. No affiliation exists between DataSource360.com or Exact Data. Any reference is for comparison purposes only.

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