Address Quality tools ensure you are using the best data for database mailings and customer contact.  Improved Address Quality delivers more mail, offers better ROI and improves overall satisfaction.  Address Quality includes Address Standardization, CASS Certification, Zip, Zip+4, DPV, and LACS Updating.


Over 40 million Americans change their address annually.  Reduce your undeliverable mail and improve sales efficiency by using MRDS NCOALinkŪ  Service.  MRDS NCOALinkŪ use a 48 month change of address database from the USPS.  Our process is fast, inexpensive and will reduce the mailing costs associated with undeliverable addresses.

These address hygiene services are offered through non-exclusive licensees of the United States Postal Service. NCOALINKTM provides address changes and correct any misspelled street names, followed by LACSLINKTM where all matching rural address modifications are applied. DPV (Delivery Point Validation) is now included as part of NCOATM and DPV are a part of our standard output. DPV allows you to target your mailings more efficiently to reduce list production and postage costs as DPV determines if the address can be confirmed as a valid delivery point to verify that the actual address exists down to an apartment or suite number.


Joe Baitinger